IMS POWERED Contractors

All businesses listed here are IMS Powered Contractors. They are proudly using AroFlo (formally known as  i-man) #1 Tradie Software Tool – IMS. Whether you are looking for a contractor or you are a contractor looking to improve your productivity then IMS is the answer! Simply put, it’s the most complete and trusted tradie software on the market.

AroFlo - Job Management Software

Why Choose an IMS Powered Contractor?

•  Choose IMS Powered contractors and your job will be completed faster and more efficiently! •  IMS Powered contractors can deliver services faster because they use real time systems to dispatch jobs, document work performed, and close off jobs from site. •  No longer will you receive invoices for works 6 months after the work was performed. •  IMS Powered contractors spend less time driving to and from the office and more time performing productive work. This greater level of efficiency means they can deliver better services to you the customer. •  IMS Powered contractors can give you an interface into their system that can also let you view compliance sheets, send quotation requests and more.

Become an IMS Powered Contractor

tradie-software IMS is i-man’s #1Tradie Software Tool

•  Simple to Use. •  Anywhere, Anytime. •  Service, Maintenance, Projects.

Imagine being able to dispatch jobs to your electrical contractor, update job cards, see when work has been scheduled and see jobs that have been closed off all in real time. IMS is a web based (Cloud) field software solution designed specifically for service, maintenance and project based industries. IMS works just as well on a smart phone as it does with a tablet. Have access to your business no matter where you are. If you happen to need to stay home or you are traveling you can login to your business in the Cloud just as if you were in the office. IMS Powered contractors have the edge on their competitors because they have systems in place that allows them to efficiently implement quality and safety standards that can be readily audited by their customers without the paper trail. This means that you can spend less time managing compliance paper work and more time performing productive activities.

To find out more see AroFlo (formally i-man) or contact us to book a demo today!


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